Thursday, September 15, 2011

Changing a thermostat in a vehicle.?

will changing the thermostat make the vehicle blow hotter air- heat
Changing a thermostat in a vehicle.?
YES IT WILL or can,the current one could be not closing also you can buy a higher temp opening one.
Changing a thermostat in a vehicle.?
no it wont. it will just regulate the pressure at which coolant is allowed to flow through your vehicle. To make your vehicle warmer, flush the heater core or replace it which if you yahoo or google it you can find instructions how
if the thermostat is bad, then the car will not be throwing out warm heat
I would suspect a bad heater core before a thermostat. Low thermostats are at 140 - 160, which would be plenty hot for your heater. If your heater core is bad, or clogged, you wouldn't get the flow through it, which would not make your heater air warm. Be careful when changing the thermostat. Most engine computers need the temp in the engine at a specific range. If it never gets there or gets too hot, your engine will run badly or you will use too much fuel. Good luck.
No. Affects engine temp not heater. Try disconnecting radiator hoses and reverse flush with a hose. Then fit new thermostat. If that doesn't work, look at heater matrix, flush that out too and problem should go away.
Actually you can make the heat a little warmer by using different thermostats. Although the temperature change isn't all that much, It does however make a difference. Let me explain..Most vehicles come factory with a 185 degree thermostat. Which means that the coolant in the engine must reach a substantiated temp. of 185 degrees before it opens up. As the coolant ciculates through your heater core, And the fan motor blows air in from behind it, That is what gives you the heat in the vehicle. Now then, If you were to install a 195 degree thermostat then you have a 10 degree temp. change in the coolant wich in turns means 10 degree warmer air. It's not a huge change, But when you get down to the nitty gritty of it all it does make a difference! Most folks will tell you no it want, but it actually does.

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